Our Targets

Our purpose is to make our company a future-oriented business

FAPLISA’s top management, from a leading European company in road marking, is seeking to make our business future oriented, and to make it robust and clearly differentiated from its competitors, based on the permanent use of modern manufacturing and control techniques and the placing on the market of products featuring the utmost quality.

Furthermore, as a result of all the investment in Research, Development and Innovation of Production Processes, FAPLISA sets up the standards to be followed in the industry for the technological and product-development implementations in the rest of the sector.

For all these reasons, we always try to fulfill our commitment and, to this aim, we include in our daily work the goal of achieving an appropriate balance between respect for the environment, the development of our employees, and the contribution to the social activities of the community, while generating profit from our business.

Environmental responsibility

FAPLISA has generated environmental awareness and has adapted its processes to the progressive demands for environmental protection, being firmly committed to respecting this principle.

Between 1997 and 2001, intense adaptation and improvement works were performed, in line with the environmental regulations, both on the initial installation and on the extended one.

We can point out, as examples of the outcome of such works, the registration of small hazardous-waste producers and the industrial identification of dumpings into the sanitation networks, as well as the favourable report for environmental classification, the final opening and activity licence for both installations, and the renewal of the registration in the industrial and the chemical-product storage registries for the initial and the extended installations.


FAPLISA distinguishes itself by its decided commitment to Technological Innovation, which the company considers as a strategic factor for its business, since it has led to the optimisation of its production processes and the improvement of the quality of its products and services. For this reason, it devotes a growing number of economic and human resources to R+D+I activities, which is indeed a differentiating factor versus other manufacturers of this industry. Ongoing research and the constant endeavour to find new materials have led the company to develop advanced solutions which are presented as products offering better guarantees of behaviour and durability in road safety – an area of the utmost importance. One example of these research activities is the development and construction of a “road marking wear simulator”, for testing the durability of the products which are used in the marking of public roads; this simulator represents an essential means for the improvement of the said products. The interest which this project has raised on the market is attested by the fact that the Region of Madrid subsidied 55% of its cost, which amounted to more than Euro 750,000, and also by the fact that it is a means for verifying the “durability” of the road marking products for CE marking purposes. The use of new technologies is undoubtedly the company’s differentiating characteristic, which, linked to a constant innovation of processes and products, has positioned the company as undisputed leader of the industry.

Labour risks

Principles concerning the prevention of labour risks and safety: -Fulfillment of all the legal, regulatory and technical requirements, as well as any other commitments entered into by Faplisa in risk-prevention matters, with the purpose of actively preventing labour accidents and improving the working conditions. -Development of a system aimed at the knowledge and the control of all the factors taking part in safe and accident-free operations in our industrial installations.

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